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A Commercial We Can Relate To

It's been a while since I've used these but I miss them.  The good folks at Pantene released this subtle message about women and the glass ceiling.

Never Fear, Tax Time is Here!

Yeah..I know...that was cheesy but here's something you might not know about.

If you weren't exactly rolling in dough last year, you may want to consider VITA to help you file your 2013 taxes. This is a free program run by the IRS and both federal and state are covered at each appointment.

Here's my honest first-person account.

... << MORE >>

The New Job Search Strategies

The search for a career has taken a new turn as virtual communication rules in just about every aspect – from an online resume to social media presence to accompanying videos and VoIP communication tools like Skype.

Then there’s another trend that some job search specialists and coaches have suggested, volunteering.

Finding these opportunities doesn’t have to be hard nor should it feel like a waste of time, if a person knows how to market themselves.

Most of these people know they are ...

<< MORE >>

Bounce Back with Plastic

If the recession left you with a little less plastic and you would like to change this, there are some ways to turn this around.

One popular way is to seek representation from a consumer credit agency that can help negotiate a lower amount on your behalf.   If not, they offer flexible payment plans but we all know that the end fees are just elevated interest and late charges.   So in reality, they are happy to get what they can ...

<< MORE >>

Getting Money Right ...for Free

Folks are still recovering from the recession and there’s many people out there willing to take advantage of those who are also recovering from debt.

Online are many who will make false promises for a price and others who just give recycled information.   As far as the latter is concerned, a few do have the nerve to charge but the best resource is a solid government source that does not charge.

I learned about the FDIC’s Consumer Protection page back when I was getting the business ...

<< MORE >>

A New Year... a New Career?...Not So Fast!

You may have watched that one annoying dude that talks about getting off the couch and making the one important phone call that will change your life for the better. I don't habitually watch talk shows but I do know that I am sick of people saying that a person can have a new career in 9 months or less.

It's not that I don't believe this but lucking up into a real job takes more than desire to make more ...
<< MORE >>

Saving Money or just Shacking Up?

You've met that someone special who is really cool and it may be platonic...or not. Either way, you both realized that life would be so much better if you became roommates.

Maybe, maybe not. Cohabitation can be serious business and in some states, it is treated like a traditional marriage.

Basically, it all depends on the expectations of both parties in the short and long of things. While it may be difficult for younger people ... << MORE >>

Stand Your Ground When it Comes to Your $

I said I would still keep things honest and though I will not spill all of the tea, I will give enough away to let people know that they do not have to taken as a sucker.

Recently I bought a product to help out with the re-branding of this site. This is someone I've known about for a while and so far had a decent relationship. The reason that I mention this is because they are one of those businesses that is ... << MORE >>

Before You Sell Your Gold or Precious Metal

In the past, I have written content for marketing companies who target people looking to sell their gold and fine metals for fast cash. Some companies were strictly online and others had a storefront. While many of these claimed to be better than going to a pawn shop, there were still some that pushed the convenience factor over market value. In other words, because they promised to give the customer immediate money, the customer could lose big ... << MORE >>

Work Online the Smart Way

If you earn money online, here are some tips from the Better Business Bureau you may want to check out as people are coming up with new ways to scam folks everyday. I've been at this for years now and there are some real characters that make their way to oDesk and other outsourcing companies.
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Also, there is my other blog << MORE >>

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