Are You a Mad, Mad Mama?

Did your kids really work your nerves?  Were you suddenly thrust into single parenthood?  How did you take charge of the situation?

After many months of developing and trying out some catchy phrases for a new column, we decided to NOT go with the following -

  • Marvelous Mommy
  • Magnanimous Mom
  • Mean Mama
  • or..Magnificent Mother

Yeah, it's called the drawing board.

It just made sense to go with what really comes to raising a child to be a success in life...dealing with the hard times.  Times when they act an ass, times when they try your patience after a long day of work or personal issues.
Or maybe they just came into the world as a little asswipe but are now a respectable member of their community.

As GENEROUS grows, we
understand that it's not about cuteness or what they can do better than the next kid.  The world can be a f*cked up place and the village the we, or our parents grew up with is becoming a thing of the past. Sometimes fathers don't step up to the plate, the economy threw your family for a loop or we find that single motherhood is a very trying experience,

So if you or someone you know has a personal account they would like to share, send an email to for more details.


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